• Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can we wash duvets?

      Simple answer is yes. We can wash polyester and feather duvets. Please read your care label on your item.

    • Do you take card payments?

      We are now able to take card payments for Service Washes and Ironing only.

    • Can you do Dry Cleaning?

      I am afraid not. We are wet washing only. Please see your care label on your item for washing instructions

    • Can you mix colours?

      This is a personal choice but there are things on the available market such as colour catchers that are designed for this purpose

    • Do we wash animal beds etc?

      No. We are no longer able to offer this service. 

    • Do you offer a collection and delivery service?

      Collection and delivery service is only availble at our Selsey branch

      We are open 7 days a week between 8am and 8pm at our Newport Pagnell branch to help those that work shifts etc

    • Do we need to bring our own washing powder?

      If you are using our service wash service then this will be supplied for you and included in the cost.

      We do have washing capsules available at 50P each. Please see a member of staff for this service.

      It is self service only at the weekends so please bring everything with you.

    • Can we supply change?

      Our friendly team of staff are available Monday to Friday 8am -5pm (Newport Pagnell) or 9am-5pm (Selsey) and will be happy to assist you with change.

      On weekends or evenings it is advisable to bring the correct coins to use the washers and dryers. They take £2, £1, 50p, 20p and 10p

      In Selsey "The Local Cafe" down the road will be happy to give you change and you can also pick up a tea or coffee.